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 Python is one language well apposite to a beginner, and it is also widen used master, so a good preference. There are lots of tutorials and essential Python and programming communities, use them. Definitely, it is possible. If you are interested, just dive in.

Why we should Learn :
  • Data Science:  Python learning on Academy to make a career in Data Science due to exciting work and high pay.
  • Machine Learning: As we are interested in doing web development with Python, Our suggestion to further check Machine Learning – Hands-On Python & R In Data Science course
  • Web Development: Python refers to Full Stack Web Developer course I suggest this course
  • Huge Community: Communities like Stack Overflow also brings many Python experts together to help newcomers.
  • Multipurpose: We can create your web applications using Django and Flask, We Can do Data Analysis using NumPy, Scipy, Scikit-Learn, and NLTK.
Carrer Growth:
  • Python is developing really fast and big time and it makes a lot of sense to learn a developing programming major programming language we can suggest you to start your programming career.
  • Python developers are one of the Maximum salaried developers, particularly in the Data Science, Machine learning and web development.

Objectives of the Course:

  • To understand the concepts and constructs of Python training 
  • To create own Python programs, know the machine learning algorithms in Python and work on a real-time project running on Python
Who should do the course
  • Big Data Professionals
  • IT Developers
  • Those who are showing interest to build their career in Python

Course Duration:
  • Daily 1 Hours class
  • 35 Days
Course Details:
  • Core Python
  • Introduction to Script,Different Modes in PYTHON
  • Variables,String Handling,Python Operators and Operands
  • Python Conditional Statements,LOOPS,Python Strings
  • Sequence or Collections ,Lists,TUPLE,Sets,Dictionary,Functions
  • Advanced Python
  • Python Modules,Packages,Date and Time,File Handling,OS Module,Exception Handling
  • More Advanced PYTHON
  • Python Class and Objects,Regular Expressions,XML Parser
  • Python-Data Base Communication,Multi-Threading,Web Scrapping,Unit Testing with PyUnit
  • Introduction to Python Web Frameworks
  • GUI Programming-Tkinter,Data Analytics
  • Introduction to Machine Learning with PYTHON/Data Science/Internet of Things
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