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Classroom Training

Anam Technology Solutions (ATS) is offers Classroom Training schedule is a custom-made training program to suit the aspirants from different educational backgrounds, the training programs are conducted by well-trained faculties in the corresponding specializations in a real-time environment.

Classroom Training :

Traditional classroom environment with in-person training classes. In past 90 cities global, our expert instructors give face-to-face instruction and interactivity. 

Classroom Training is a live training by the concern expert Instructor.

The physical existence of both the trainer and the trainee bring an opportunity for face-to-face interaction.

Students and working professionals can join themselves for classroom training, depending on each course’s eligibility Basis.

Batch size: Less batch sizes allow the trainer to understand the skill level of each participant and accordingly maintain right step of training, conforming individuals extorting of knowledge.

Focused Approach: you can gain direct approach from the trainer. Looking at your body-language also, an expert trainer can describe if you are having any problem and can suggest you help in building knowledge and adjust learning with your goals.

Healthy learning environment: The group of participant with close-to similar professional interests can pursue structured learning and be improving with others knowledge/experience.

How We Teach

We provide utmost attention and responsibility for training our students  and upgrading them for making well – skilled for IT infrastructure

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